Many of the services rendered by Digitel to its customers are done so on a confidential basis.

Information Technology
Strategic Technology Planning
       We assist our customers to make decisions about what technology to use and when to use it by examining their business objectives and then conduct a technology segment analysis, which is used as the basis for the strategic technology plan.
Application Development
        We provide software product and application development solutions to large established companies as well as startups. The services we provide are for entire product life cycle as well as for both vertical and system-level products. Services may include product visualization, concept-refinement, engineering plan, prototyping, design, testing, quality assurance, implementation, maintenance and customer support.
Integration Solutions
       Business information comes from systems across an organization. Making sure that business information is securely, reliably and cost-effectively delivered to customers and suppliers is essential to competitiveness and overall business performance.

Strategic and Business Planning
New Companies
       We work directly with entrepreneurs to assist them in thinking through and preparing all aspects of their business plans with special emphasis on the developing their business model and relating it to their financial plan.
Existing Companies
       We work directly with senior management to help them focus on their company's strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities in order to develop a 3 to 5 year vision for the company. From the SWOT analysis specific business objectives are formulated and key strategies are selected with attainable goals. Finally, implementation through strategic action plans.
Financial Analysis
Management Issues
       We provide professional training over a wide range of topic areas for individual, small and large groups. Each training topic is carefully crafted so that information or knowledge provided meets the customer's specific objectives for the training and if requested, a means for evaluating what was learned and retained is provided.
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